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2015 is the 25th Anniversary of the International TPM Institute!

…and we are just as passionate now about TPM as we ever have been. It is what we do, and it is all we do. 

Our founder, TPM Pioneer Edward H. Hartmann, built this firm on the bedrock of his own unique and effective TPM methodWe have worked intensively for all these years, proving its effectiveness with top performers internationally, so that today, we can be proud of the world class reputation we have earned. 

We look forward to continuing to share our passion for TPM with you and your company.

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International TPM Institute, Inc.

The Hartmann Method, TPEM ™


International TPM Institute, Inc. is a maintenance consulting firm dedicated to the installation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and Maintenance Productivity Improvement in manufacturing. Founded by Edward H. Hartmann in 1990, he was the first to adapt, introduce and successfully install TPM in non-Japanese plants in the US, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Hartmann’s development of TPEM , along with his book, “Successfully Installing TPM in a Non-Japanese Plant,” have led to an unparalleled track record for successful installations spanning 30 years. Our approach to TPM has seen up to 70% productivity improvement, over 400% ROI and the loyalty of clients such as Mercedes, Conti Tire, Michelin, Kelloggs, and many more. We continue to offer the highest quality training and consulting services available anywhere; and we feel strongly about producing results in your plant, with your people, addressing your equipment problems and opportunities. Our corporate offices are in the United States with regional offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina for South America, and Zürich, Switzerland for Europe. Please email, fax or call to discuss how we can help you! 


Comments From Our Customers

We thoroughly recommend this book to all production managers who want to be smart about TPM. (5 Stars on

In such a clear and precise language, he describes how management can, and must, work with plant employees to operate machines better, faster and cheaper... and shows how everyone's involvement with the production process really matters, is key to generating VALUE. Anyone who has already read Kaplan / Norton 's “the Balanced Scorecard," will welcome this kind of writing, that stands out, and stands apart from many of today’s German textbook authors. 


“Thanks to a customized installation with International TPM Institute, we had a 70% increase in productivity and our plant did not have to close down… “ - KME, Germany